DTS is a 5-month school that will impact your life for eternity. The 3-month lecture phase is focused on you and your relationship with God. You will grow deeper in your understanding of who He is and how to relate to Him. In the 2-month outreach phase you will GO and take this new understanding to the nations and share who He is with others!
DTS Lecture Phase YWAMepj


12 action-packed weeks of training focused on knowing God! We will look at topics like:

God´s nature and character
The Holy Spirit and how He works
Fear of the Lord and Holiness
Spiritual warfare
God´s father heart

Alongside our classroom time, we will be having deep times of worship, intercession for the nations, and reaching out into the city of Juárez during times of evangelism.

YWAMepj DTS Outreach


Two months of establishing God´s kingdom and preaching the Gospel to the least reached of the world, that might be in a slum in India, to the homeless of the streets in Mexico City, or even the villages of the Amazon jungle.

We will be doing different types of ministry but all with one focus: To glorify the Name of Jesus in the nations!

“We were in the northern part of Brazil, near the border with Venezuela. There, we found a big group of Venezuelans living under a bridge. We approached them to share the gospel, and even though I did not speak Portuguese, in that moment, the pastor who was going to share about Jesus asked me to translate for him. I was amazed because, in a supernatural manner, I did it! And to my surprise, almost 30 people received Jesus. It was awesome! We were able to minister to and pray for them.”

YWAM DTS Student

“During our first week in Bolivia we had the opportunity to go to a men’s rehabilitation center. This was very impactful for me. I had the opportunity to share my testimony. In the past, I had been in a very similar situation. I needed help recovering from depression. These guys are so blessed because they have a Christian atmosphere in which to recover from their depression and addictions. While I shared my testimony several of them cried and later approached me to say how much my story impacted them. They shared how much it gave them hope, how they were excited to see that full transformation in God is possible, and to understand that God can and wants to do this in everyone`s lives.”

YWAM DTS Student


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