We have all dreamed about the day that we get on a plane and take off to an amazing missions training experience but the hardest part about doing a DTS can often be choosing where to do it, here are 6 reasons why YWAM El Paso-Juárez might be the best fit for you. 

#1 Rancho Los amigos 

Ranchos Los Amigos (RLA) is a children’s home our on base where we have 24 kids. Many of us dream about working with kids on outreach but what if from the moment you got to DTS you could be hanging out at RLA. Working with these kids during my time here is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and it is SO FUN! Our RLA kids are involved in base worship, community nights, intercession, and all of our family events so as you can imagine it’s never a dull moment with them around. 

#2 Staff 

Our staff family of 32 people altogether have more than 350 years of missions experience, imagine what a conversation around the dinner table would be like with someone who has faithfully served in missions for 15-20 years, those conversations are like a fountain of wisdom. Here at YWAM EPJ we don’t only bring in top-class guest speakers but our staff is filled with years of experience that will bless your life. 

#3 Adventure 

Samalayuca sand dunes

Just outside Ciudad Juárez we have some breathtaking sand dunes, such as the famous “Dunas de Samalyuca”. This is an awesome weekend adventure for any DTS student who loves the great outdoors. 

#4 Burritos

Legend has it that Ciudad Juárez was the birthplace of the burrito as a vendor named Juan Méndez in the early 1900’s used to take his food to be sold in El Paso, Texas and he would cross the border on a small donkey (Spanish for small donkey = burrito). Now we can enjoy the many flavours of burritos all over our city! Here a picture to leave your mouth watering. 

Also we have some delicious tacos in our city! 

#5 Location, location, location 

Being 10 minutes from the USA border definitely comes with its advantages. Our classes, day to day life, and most of our ministry is done in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico but on the weekend you can head over to El Paso, Texas to get some of the comforts of home. That might be a quick trip to Walmart, a mall or maybe it’s a burger from your favourite fast food place whatever that might be for you it’s all just a short drive away. We also have an office in El Paso where you can receive packages from home or maybe even order something you need for outreach from Amazon and it’ll be here in Juarez in just a couple days. That is extremely helpful when living in a foreign country. 

#6 Bilingual schools and classmates from different cultures 

Have you ever dreamed of learning Spanish? Rosetta Stone and other online classes not working for you? How about having all of your activities translated and living with people from Spanish speaking countries? One of the richest parts of our DTS is doing your school with people from other cultures, in my DTS the students were from 7 different nations. I learned conversational Spanish during my DTS and by the end of the outreach, I was evangelizing without a translator. The best way to learn another language is by having to use the few words you know to communicate with your roommate. 

So what’s stopping for applying today? Our initial application takes 2 minutes to fill out and one of our friendly DTS staff will get in touch with you within the next 48 hours.